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German designed - Australian made.

As a world leader in smart residential solar storage solutions, Germany’s sonnen will establish a battery manufacturing facility at the former Holden site in Elizabeth to produce batteries by November 2018.

sonnen aims to produce 10,000 batteries a year to meet demand from Australian households seeking to substantially reduce their power bills, and for export to Asia Pacific markets. The advanced manufacturing facility will generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in the short term, and will provide employment opportunities for many former Holden workers. 

Beyond its new factory, sonnen will also launch a sales and technical training facility in Adelaide dedicated to increasing skills in this new technology. sonnen expects to establish a training accreditation program to be run with TAFE SA to fulfil skilled workforce requirements locally.

sonnen Founder and CEO Christoph Ostermann said, “We are excited at the prospect of manufacturing in South Australia for the Australian and export markets and to participating in making Australia the number one market globally for energy storage systems.”