“sonnenFlat was the final deciding factor when we chose to purchase sonnenBatteries. With sonnenFlat, having a fixed monthly energy bill meant a lot to our household for budgeting and knowing we won’t be stung by exorbitant bills has been a huge benefit for us. We used to pay up to $5,000 each year for a household of five to our energy retailer even with our rooftop solar. Our bills are now $49 per month and nothing has changed about the way we’re being supplied electricity. The only change is we get a fixed monthly energy bill from sonnen.”

Bo Gacic, South Coramandel, South Australia. sonnenBatterie owner and sonnenFlat member.
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Now it's your turn to declare your energy independence.

With sonnenFlat Energy Bundle you can also save $1000.

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What is sonnenBatterie?

The smartest home battery system in the world. With the sonnenBatterie hybrid you already save the cost for a solar inverter because the solar panels are wired directly into the sonnenBatterie. On average sonnenBatterie enables you to cover 80% of your annual energy requirements.

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What is sonnenFlat?

An energy plan that combines with your solar system and sonnenBatterie to offer a cost-effective complete energy solution. Your electricity rates can be fixed as low as $49 a month.

*To sign-up for sonnenFlat you need to have a sonnenBatterie. The sonnenBatterie price is not included into your monthly sonnenFlat rate.

How does sonnenFlat Energy Bundle work?

sonnenFlat Energy Bundle

3 simple steps to get sonnenFlat Energy Bundle:


Press the button at the bottom of the page to receive your unique voucher code.


Reduce and fix your monthly electricity costs, to as low as $49 per month.


Use the voucher within 60 days of issuing, to claim $1,000 off the price  of a new sonnenBatterie (min. 10kWh).

Offer is available in:

NSW, VIC, SA, ACT, TAS & QLD  (Energex region).

If you live in WA or QLD Ergon region - call sonnen on 13SONNEN (137 666) to discuss your options.

And you'll need solar panels too:

•  If you already have solar, make sure it is at least 5kWp.

•  If you don’t have solar, just get it with your sonnenBatterie.