Understanding sonnenFlat

What is sonnenFlat?

sonnenFlat is the world's first energy retail offer designed for home battery owners. For a low monthly fee, sonnenBatterie owners receive a generous yearly energy usage allowance, and gain access to sonnen’s energy sharing platform, the sonnenCommunity

Where do I sign up for sonnenFlat?

If you have a sonnenBatterie already and are yet to experience the full benefits of sonnenFlat, just sign up here or call us on 13 76 66. 

How do I know which plan is right for me?

When selecting which sonnenFlat plan is right for you, start by determine your eligibility based of your PV solar size and sonnenBatterie Usable battery capacity then look at your Annual household usage. To determine which plan if the right fit for your family.

The solar retailer of my choice does not know about sonnenFlat. What do I do?

That's no problem! Because sonnenFlat is essentially an electricity tariff by sonnen, we will help you switch from your current electricity retailer to sonnen and activate sonnenFlat for you. Please contact us via 13 76 66 or send us an at sonnenFlat@sonnen.com.au

How long does it take to transfer me from my old energy retailer to sonnenFlat?

Switching energy retailers to sonnen eServices may only take a few days! Delays can occur for customers with out-of-date meters, or lock-in contracts with their current retailer.

Does sonnen also offer grid services in other countries?

Yes. The sonnen Virtual Power Plant is already active in Australia, Germany, Italy, the U.K. and the U.S. 

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Does the yearly allowance include the energy produced from my solar system?

The yearly allowance of your sonnenFlat package refers to your total household consumption, irrespective of where it comes from: the grid, solar or battery. 

Are there any additional costs associated with my sonnenFlat membership?

No. Up to Annual household usage allowances, each kilowatt-hour of electricity costs you $0. If you go beyond the free electricity, you’ll get our cheap community energy for the rate specified for your network. Check out the Energy Pricing Sheet for your network here.

How does sonnen invoice the excess energy used outside the annual allowance?

If you exceed your Annual Household Usage Allowance, the excess usage rate will apply, but only to the energy consumption from the grid. You will not be charged for energy that comes from your solar system or your sonnenBatterie. We are always looking out for the best cost-structure to offer a rate that is competitive in every network. Check out the Energy Pricing Sheet for your network here.

How will I know if I have exceeded my annual energy allowance?

Transparency is important. You can check your consumption by logging into your online portal or monitoring app. Your monthly sonnenFlat invoices will also show your grid consumption.

When do I see any excess usage charges and solar feed-in credits?

Any excess usage or solar feed-in credit will be calculated and added to your account at your 12 month anniversary.

Is the sonnenFlat promotion still available? 

There are currently no special promotions running for sonnenFlat. For the most up to date information regarding sonnen energy packages, please visit sonnen.com.au/energy  or call us on 137 666.

How to read my sonnenFlat bill? 

Please visit sonnen.com.au/fees to understand better how to read and decipher your sonnenFlat bill.


What’s the minimum period to stay on sonnenFlat?

There is no minimum contract period, we believe in our products and are confident that sonnenFlat is the best energy retail offer for you. If you still wish to leave the plan, you simply sign up with another electricity retailer, who will cancel your sonnenFlat subscription on your behalf.

Once I choose sonnenFlat, will I still be in a contract with my current electricity provider?

No. We will switch you over from your current electricity provider to sonnen. Our energy retail arm sonnen eServices will become your new energy provider. This will make you 100% independent from conventional energy retailers!


Does sonnenFlat decrease the performance of my sonnenBatterie?

Self-consumption of customers is not limited by the sonnenFlat. For the batteries, sonnenFlat is not a burden because they are based on the robust lithium iron phosphate technology and with a lifespan of 10,000 charging cycles, are designed for additional applications than just self-consumption.

What happens to my battery during grid services?

Your sonnenBatterie is participating in a Virtual Power Plant, where it helps to compensate for fluctuations in grid frequency. Depending on the demand, electricity is either temporarily stored in the battery or released to the grid. With your sonnenBatterie you make an important contribution to the energy revolution.

Virtual Power Plant

What’s sonnen’s VPP and how does it support the grid?

sonnen digitally connects sonnenBatteries into a large virtual battery, the VPP. This VPP uses green energy and storage capacity from the sonnenBatteries to stabilise fluctuations in the electricity grid and place downward pressure on energy prices. Only by connecting many customers’ batteries into one VPP, is the sonnenCommunity able to take the place of traditional CO2 intensive power plants.

Does sonnen’s VPP affect my electricity supply?

No. Your supply is always guaranteed by your Distributor and sonnen. Did you know? VPP activity actually improves grid stability!

Does sonnen’s VPP affect my black out protection?

No. The sonnenBackup-Box and sonnenProtect are not affected by your battery’s contribution to the VPP. The VPP is not active during black outs.