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Plug into the sonnenCommunity with sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat combines with your solar system and sonnenBatterie, to offer the complete energy package giving you the bill certainty you have always wished for.

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Understanding your bill

sonnenFlat page 1 bill explainer

1. Supply period for this bill.

2. Your contact details, customer number as well as our contact information for enquiries regarding your account or bill.

3. An overview of your bill including the amount due and its due date.

The bill overview includes a summary of your past sonnenFlat year, charges still outstanding and offset with balances which may have been carried forward (such as excess grid usage paid during the year, bonus amounts or concessions). If additional fees apply such as a meter upgrade, these fees will be shown in this section as well.

If you already set up a direct debit, the amount due will be automatically withdrawn from your account to update or change your payment details visit here.

4. Graphs give you an indication of your sonnenFlat parameters and your usage.

5. Minimum Annual Generation required: The minimum amount your solar system needs to produce to receive the full annual household usage allowance.

6. Annual Export Threshold: Energy exported above the annual export threshold will be paid at the solar feed-in rate.

7. Adjusted Annual Household Usage Allowance: Yearly energy credit for total household usage of energy from installed solar PV, sonnenBatterie, and the grid corrected for your actual generation. Once your (adjusted) annual usage allowance is exceeded, subsequent usage from the grid will be charged at the excess usage rate.


sonnenFlat page 2 bill explainer

8. Your contract parameters.

9. Details of your sonnenFlat bill – broken down by Minimum Annual Generation, Export Threshold and adjusted Annual Household Usage Allowance. 

10. Your generation: Shows your minimum annual generation vs. plan requirements. If your generation falls short, we will reduce the annual usage allowance pro-rata (adjusted annual household usage allowance).

11. Your electricity usage: Once your (adjusted) annual usage allowance is exceeded, subsequent usage from the grid will be charged at the excess usage rate. First, we look at the excess grid usage which has already been paid throughout your sonnenFlat year, then we apply the outstanding excess energy costs.

12. Your export: The credit for export applies as soon as you reached your export threshold. Every kWh fed into the grid above the threshold will be remunerated at the solar feed-in rate. Credits will be carried forward to future bills.


sonnenFlat page 3 bill explainer

13. Your electricity supply details including information about your NMI, billing period and your next scheduled read date.

14. Details about how to update your direct debit details and make a one-off manual payment. Please contact us directly if you are having any difficulty.

15. Find your meter read details here, including whether an actual or estimated read has been taken for your official meter data. This gives you a good overview of your grid usage, controlled usage and your export. This data is used for calculating your excess grid usage and remuneration for export.

16. These graphs give you more insight about your actual grid usage in the past months and also compares your grid usage to nearby homes.

The first graph shows your average daily usage in the past 12 months. The second one advices you on how much energy you used from grid compared to other homes in your area.

17. Here you can find information about further assistance regarding concessions, meter access, interpreter services and more.

Bill Explainer

sonnenFlat Bill

sonnenFlat FAQ

Payment details

How can I update my direct debit details?

Please visit our partner website here to update your direct debit details.

How can I make a once-off manual payment?

Please visit our partner website here to make a manual payment.

How do I pay via BPAY?

If you wish to pay via BPAY, please email us at sonnenflat@sonnen.com.au or call us on 137 666 to receive your BPAY biller code and payment reference number.


How will I know if I have exceeded my annual household usage allowance?

On each monthly bill on the first page there is a chart which indicates how much of your Annual Household Usage Allowance has been used.

When can I expect my bill to arrive?

  • Monthly bill will arrive close to your monthly anniversary (e.g. 30 days after your confirmed transfer date).
  • Annual bill will arrive close to your annual anniversary (i.e.12 months after your confirmed transfer date).

My bill seems higher than usual - what should I do?

Please check your bill for one-off charges such as a meter upgrade fee, a special read fee or a late fee. You can check on the first page of your bill to confirm if any excess usage charges have been applied.

If you need help understanding your bill view call our team on 137 666 (press 2).

I need help understanding my bill. What can I do?

If you need help understanding your bill view call our team on 137 666 (press 2).

Bill questions

Where can I find my FiT on the monthly bill?

The export graph on the monthly bill indicates when you will reach your Export Threshold. Credits for export are added to the annual bill only.

Why does my monthly bill indicate an estimated meter reading?  

We must show grid meter readings on our customers’ bills that have been provided to us by your Local Distribution Network. These readings are sometimes ‘estimates’ but will always be corrected by actual readings within your sonnen anniversary.

What happens if I terminate my sonnenFlat contract?

If you terminate your sonnenFlat contract, you will not be charged an exit fee. You can leave at any time. Your contract parameters (i.e. Annual Household Usage Allowance, Annual Export Threshold and Minimum Annual Generation) will be adapted pro-rata according to the time you stayed with us.

Why do I have to pay for excess usage?

The Annual Household Usage Allowance is the credit for total household usage of energy from installed solar PV, sonnenBatterie, and the grid. Once your (adjusted) Annual Usage Allowance is exceeded, subsequent use from the grid will be charged at the excess usage rate.