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sonnen introduces fixed electricity bills for solar homeowners in Victoria

Over 2.3 million households with rooftops in Victoria will be eligible for fixed monthly electricity bills with the launch of sonnenFlat, an energy plan from sonnen that combines a rooftop solar system with home batteries.

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Former Holden factory produces solar batteries for New Zealand

 sonnen announced that sonnenBatteries produced in the former Holden factory in South Australia will be shipped to New Zealand from today.

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Shell agrees to acquire sonnen, expanding its offering of residential smart energy storage and energy services

Shell* has agreed to acquire 100% of sonnen, a leader in smart energy storage systems and innovative energy services for households. This follows an investment by Shell in May 2018 and means that, post regulatory approval and completion, sonnen will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell.

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sonnen Produces First sonnenBatteries in South Australia and expands its investment in Australia

Germany’s sonnen Group, the global market leader for smart energy storage systems and operator of the largest energy sharing platform in the world, announced today that it has commenced the manufacturing of sonnenBatteries in Australia with the first sonnenBatteries to be assembled at its manufacturing facility in Elizabeth.

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Households replacing power stations in Germany - sonnen is putting the largest virtual battery of its kind into operation creating the power grid of the future

For the first time, sonnen is providing balancing power for the energy market by means of residential energy storage systems networked across the whole of Germany. The sonnen virtual battery, which is now online, is currently the largest of its kind that is able to compensate for fluctuations in the power grid. As a result, German households are now in a position to take over all the tasks of conventional power stations.

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sonnen Appoints New Managing Director for Australia and Asia Pacific

Germany’s sonnen Group, the global market leader for smart energy storage systems and operator of the largest energy sharing platform in the world, announced today that it has appointed Nathan Dunn as Managing Director for Australia and the Asia Pacific.

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Tasmanian households with sonnen systems to ‘save thousands of dollars’ on power bills under new sonnenFlat program

German energy storage systems maker sonnen introduces its sonnenFlat plan and invites Tasmanians to become “energy independent”, challenging the State’s monopoly retailer.

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sonnen to invest in South Australia, creates virtual power plant, builds advanced manufacturing facility and delivers hundreds of jobs

As a world leader in smart residential solar storage solutions, Germany’s sonnen will establish a battery manufacturing facility at the former Holden site in Elizabeth to produce batteries by November 2018. sonnen aims to produce 10,000 batteries a year to meet demand from Australian households seeking to substantially reduce their power bills, and for export to Asia Pacific markets.

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sonnen Closes New €60 Million Financing Round and Adds Shell Ventures as New Investor

sonnen is pleased to announce the closing of its latest financing round of €60 million, led by Shell Ventures and significantly supported by all existing investors. The investment enables sonnen to expand its strategy of rapid international growth and to further enhance its pioneering position as the “utility of the future.” 

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Households with sonnen systems to ‘save thousands of dollars’ on power bills under new sonnenFlat program.

German energy storage systems manufacturer sonnen has introduced a radical new way of helping households cope with ever-rising power costs. The German battery storage maker will absorb all electricity charges, and instead charge a flat fee (of $30, $40 or $50 a month depending on the size of the dwelling and capacity of its rooftop solar array) for those households installing the company’s energy storage systems, saving the average home around $3,000 a year in power costs. 

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sonnen gives energy independence to apartment owners and renters and guarantees free electricity for 10 years

Even customers without their own photovoltaic system can take advantage of the benefits of a sonnenBatterie and the free electricity tariff sonnenFlat city that will be introduced in Germany. Apartment owners and renters can now enjoy free electricity for 10 years and gain independence from their energy provider, eliminating the uncertainty of future energy cost increases.

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sonnen earns two prestigious awards for continued excellence in clean technology global leadership

For the third year in a row, sonnen has been included in the Global Cleantech 100 list as a leading innovator in the cleantech industry. This year, sonnen also earned the "Continued Excellence Award" for being the most innovative company included on the list for three consecutive years.

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1,100 energy storage systems - sonnen sets a monthly delivery record with its sonnenBatterie

During the month of November the sonnen group, the world’s biggest manufacturer of intelligent energy storage systems, delivered about 1,100 sonnenBatterie. This set a new record as it was the first time in the history of the company to deliver more than 1,000 energy storage systems within one month. The biggest share went to the German market, followed by Italy and the US.

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sonnen secures $85 million in growth capital and gains new partners in creating the future of energy.

sonnen’s new financing enables the company to continue its dynamic growth and promote its vision of a clean, decentralized and connected energy future.

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GE Ventures backs sonnen’s mission to form utility of the future

GE Ventures joins sonnen’s mission to form the utility of the future. The venture arm of one of the world’s largest technology companies becomes an investor of sonnen Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer of residential lithium storage systems and operator of Europe’s first online energy sharing platform.

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sonnen reports record demand for battery storage

sonnen, Europe’s largest manufacturer of lithium battery storage recorded a new quarterly sales record due to rapidly increasing demand. sonnen reached a new all-time high in the first three months of the year with worldwide sales of 2,600 units of its smart energy storage system, the sonnenBatterie. This represents an increase of over 100 percent compared to the previous quarter. 

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sonnen is named as a Winner of 2016 Grid Edge Award for innovation

sonnen, the market leader in intelligent energy storage with over 10,000 installed sonnenBatterie systems, wins the 2016 Grid Edge Award for the capability to innovate distributed energy products that are impacting and disrupting the market.

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sonnen ships lst production units of smart battery storage system, sonnenBatterie, in the United States

One of the world’s top-selling battery storage systems is now available in the USA. In response to high demand, sonnenBatterie production is already operating at full capacity and will be further expanded in the future.

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sonnenCommunity connects households and makes conventional electricity suppliers obsolete through self-generated power

Sonnenbatterie presents the sonnenCommunity; members can generate their own power, store it and share surpluses online with friends or each other. The sonnenCommunity completely replaces traditional power companies and will soon be available to every household in Germany.