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New South Wales Home Battery Scheme

New South Wales Home Battery Scheme

Solar panels are a great start, but to move one step closer to energy independence you need a solar home battery. The NSW Government has decided to help you further by making batteries more accessible.

Introducing the NSW Home Battery Scheme

Coal fired power stations are not being built anymore, and those that remain are on the way out. Australia already has the most diversified electricity grid in the world, but to cope with the coming changes – there needs to be more storage to spread the load. Once again, over to you.

Homeowners in eligible postcodes can get an interest-free loans of up to $14,000 to install a solar and battery system and up to $9,000 for a battery retrofit system. It is available to owner occupier households earning less than $180,000 a year.

How much can I save?

Up to 300,000 homes are expected to benefit over the next ten years, and the savings have been forecasted to be around $285 a year straight away, and more than $2,000 a year once the loan has been paid off.

That’s based on a quarterly bill of $500, but if your quarterly payment is $625, you could save up to $475 a year now, and up to $2,200 after the loan’s been paid.

So it’s a solution that makes sense from a financial perspective, and from an environmental standpoint too.

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