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German energy storage giant sonnen Group has revealed it expects to produce its first Australian-made residential sonnenBatterie within weeks, at the former Holden car factory in Elizabeth, South Australia.

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Sydney Morning Herald

Sonnen is supporting South Australia’s virtual power plant project, which is the linking of household solar panels and battery installations and then using the renewable energy stored to act as a source of power that can be controlled and sent into the grid as needed.

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Financial Review

Battery player sonnen aims to 'take the utility out of business'

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sonnen introduces fixed electricity bills for solar homeowners in Victoria

Over 2.3 million households with rooftops in Victoria will be eligible for fixed monthly electricity bills with the launch of sonnenFlat, an energy plan from sonnen that combines a rooftop solar system with home batteries.

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Shell agrees to acquire sonnen, expanding its offering of residential smart energy storage and energy services

Shell* has agreed to acquire 100% of sonnen, a leader in smart energy storage systems and innovative energy services for households. This follows an investment by Shell in May 2018 and means that post regulatory approval and completion sonnen will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell.

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Former Holden factory produces solar batteries for New Zealand

 sonnen announced that sonnenBatteries produced in the former Holden factory in South Australia will be shipped to New Zealand from today.

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