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sonnen Australia Pty Limited

sonnen Australia Pty Limited is a company within the sonnenGroup of companies. Our parent company is Shell plc. In the course of carrying on its activities sonnen Australia Pty Limited will collect, store, use and disclose personal information. We are committed to the protection of your personal information and to compliance with all applicable privacy laws.

Personal information

Personal information is information or an opinion about an identified or reasonably identifiable individual, whether or not the information or opinion is true and whether or not the information is recorded in a material form.

Types of personal information we collect and hold

We collect and hold personal information about individuals for the provision of our products and services and purposes connected to those products and services.

Consistent with the provision of our products and services, the types of personal information we may collect and hold include individuals’ name, address, telephone number, email address and financial information.

How we collect and hold personal information

We may collect personal information directly from you in the course of providing our products and services, from our website and/or directly from you.

We may collect and hold personal information disclosed to us by third parties when they engage us to provide products and services, or other third parties, such as your local distributor or credit reporting bodies. We will only do so where those third parties have the right to disclose to us that personal information.

We may also share your data within our group of companies to offer you promotions or to inform you about related products and/or services. This is based on your marketing consent preferences and in all cases any marketing material will be sent to you by us only

Personal information is held securely, is subject to various security protections and is held only for as long as the information remains relevant to the purpose for which it was collected. Our internal policies and procedures strictly govern the way we hold our clients’ personal information.

Shell Single View of the Customer

With the aim of ensuring you have a seamless experience with the Shell group and depending upon the nature of your engagement with Shell, we combine information gathered from the sources referred to above to create a personal profile of you. This enables you to interact with different Shell companies more easily and ensures we have the most up to date information about you in order to better develop services and products and to tailor offers relevant to your specific interests. 

Please note however, you can control how Shell uses this information. You can opt out of having your personal data combined in this way. For further details please refer to section ‘Your rights in relation to your personal data’.

Purposes for which we hold, use and disclose information

We will not use or disclose personal information for any secondary purpose, unless that secondary purpose is related to the primary purpose for which we have collected that information, and you would reasonably expect the disclosure in the circumstances, or unless you consent to that use or disclosure.

The purposes for which we hold, use and disclose information include:

(a)    conducting our business, for example completing our transactions with you.  This may include disclosing your personal information to a third party supplier who assists us in supplying services to you, and disclosing your personal information to our related bodies’ corporate;

(b)    to communicate information about our products and services or the products and services of our clients;

(c)    for our internal administrative, research, planning, performance measuring, marketing and product development;

(d)    confirming your identity and carrying out credit checks;

(e)    complying with our legal and regulatory obligations;

(f)    when required by a third party to provide services to you (e.g. if your local distribution company requires information);

(g)    when we need to communicate with one of our community or commercial partners to tell them which customers have chosen to support them;

(h)    to collect any money you may owe us (including by using a third party to collect such money);

(i)    to transfer your information to a new supplier; and

(j)    to share your information with third party government entities who require the personal data for the purposes of administering or analysing subsidy or funding schemes which have been utilised by you to obtain our products.


You agree we may hold, use and disclose information your personal information for screening purposes as set out below.

In order to comply with law, to protect our assets, personnel and contractors, and specifically to ensure that we can comply with trade control, anti-money laundering and/or bribery and corruption laws and other regulatory requirements, we carry out screening procedures pre-contract, and post-contract on a periodic basis (minimum quarterly).

Screening takes place against publicly available or government-issued sanctions lists and is conducted in Europe. We compare your first and last name with the names published on these publicly available sanctions lists. In case of an initial match sonnen will assess if the match is accurate based on the information sonnen may hold about you (including your address) or sonnen may use other public sources such as information held by credit check organisations. sonnen may also contact you directly to obtain further information. If sonnen cannot rule out the match, we may rely on the services of external consultants to further assess and evaluate. Screening does not result in any automated decision making in relation to you.

If we have a verified match, Shell company Shell plc.  has a legal reporting obligation to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Shell Midstream Partners LP (MLP) is required to file quarterly and annual reports to SEC. sonnen must also alert a local regulatory authority where legally required to do so.


We use cookies on our websites to provide you with the best user experience possible.

We use cookies and similar technologies that collect and store information when you visit a sonnen Website or use the app(s). This is to enable us to identify your internet browser and collect data on your use of our website, which pages you visit, the duration of your visits and identify these when you return so that we improve your experience when visiting our website(s). You can control and manage your cookies preferences by adjusting your browser settings.

Access and correction

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure any personal data we collect, use or disclose is up to date and accurate.  If you believe personal information we hold about you is not up to date or accurate, you may ask us to correct it.

You may ask us to provide you with details of the personal information we hold about you, and copies of that information.  We will respond to your request and attempt to provide you with the data within 30 days of receipt of your request.

If we provide you with copies of the information you have requested, we may charge you a reasonable fee to cover the administrative costs of providing you with that information.

Please direct all request for access and correction to:

Email: info@sonnen.com.au

Overseas disclosure

If you are based in New Zealand, you acknowledge that, in the course of providing the products and services, your personal information will be disclosed to (and processed by) entities in Australia.  In all cases, either the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 or the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) will apply to the processing and disclosure of such information.

We may also, in the course of providing products and services, disclose personal information to overseas entities.

Those overseas entities are likely to be located in the following countries: Germany, Italy, UK, USA, and Japan.

You agree that where personal information is disclosed to the countries above, neither the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) nor the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 (as applicable) will apply to that information.

Changes to this policy

We will review and update this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed without notice. Therefore, you should review the terms of this policy periodically to make sure that you are aware of how we collect, hold, store and use personal information.


If you consider a breach of any applicable privacy laws has occurred, you may direct your query to:

Our data protection officer (Privacy Officer), Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH, Michael Seus, Suhrenkamp 71-77, 22335 Hamburg, Germany, datenschutz@sonnen.de; or info@sonnen.com.au and we will attempt to resolve your complaint.

If you do not consider our response satisfactory, you may contact:

  1. If you are based in Australia, the Australian Privacy Commissioner at its website www.oaic.gov.au or by telephone on 1300 363 992.
  2. If you are based in New Zealand, the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner at its website www.privacy.org.nz or by telephone on 0800 803 909.