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Blog | March 2024

sonnen's New Era: Embracing Change with Confidence and Clarity

At sonnen, we’re not just witnesses to the energy revolution; we’re its architects. Since our journey began in 2010, our mission has been crystal clear: to pioneer clean, affordable energy for everyone. Today, as we unveil our refreshed brand, it's a vibrant testament to our evolution and a beacon for our future.

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Why a Refresh? Why Now?

As we've grown from a visionary startup in a small Southern German town to a global force, our spirit of innovation has only deepened. This evolution calls for a brand that mirrors our ambition and our commitment to cutting-edge, sustainable solutions. It's more than a new look; it’s a reflection of our journey, our growth, and our future.

What’s New? Let’s Dive In:

Product Families Reimagined

Meet sonnenHome, bringing tailored energy solutions directly to your doorstep. This product line simplifies the selection of sustainable energy options, enhancing residential life with its focus on intuitive design. We're making the future of energy more accessible and straightforward, reflecting our commitment to innovation and easy-to-navigate solutions.

A Palette of Possibilities 

Our new colours—shades of blue merging into dynamic reds—capture energy's diversity, echoing the transition from dawn to dusk, symbolising our shift towards sustainable solutions. This palette highlights our journey from conventional to renewable energy, underlining our commitment to an energy-efficient, sustainable future for all.

Evolving Our Emblem

The Eclipse, our cherished symbol, now stands out even more. It's bold, it's visible, and it perfectly encapsulates our role as leaders in the energy revolution.

Voice and Vision Aligned

We're more than just a company; we're a community. Our evolved brand voice and visuals centre around this vibrant community, moving forward together towards an energy-independent future.


Uniting Under a Shared Vision

This brand refresh isn't just about stepping into a new look—it's about stepping forward with confidence. It's a pledge to continue our mission with even greater clarity and purpose. We're here to empower, to inspire, and to lead the way in transforming the energy landscape. Together, we're not just imagining a sustainable future; we're creating it.

With sonnen, you're not just part of the energy transition. You're at the heart of a powerful movement towards a brighter, cleaner, and more connected world. Join us, and let's shape the future of energy, together.


Your energy is in your hands.

The energy revolution starts at home, and with the full power of sonnenHome you're all set for a clean energy future.