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Use renewable and affordable energy with a solar battery

The sonnenBatterie protects you from rising electricity prices and provides you with energy independence. Use cleaner energy generated from your rooftop solar system and store it in your home battery day or night. Our German designed and engineered batteries are backed by a local technical support and customer service team.

What is a solar home battery?

Bill shocks have become a thing of the past with a solar battery

Stephen faced rising energy bills for his family home with five adults in New South Wales. Rather than being at the mercy of energy retailers, he decided to invest in a rooftop solar system and sonnenBatterie. Stephen believes the investment in solar and a home battery would pay for itself in six years. 

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sonnenBatterie Evo

sonnenBatterie Evo

The sonnenBatterie Evo is a fully integrated AC coupled storage system designed for outdoor and indoor installations.

  • Outdoor rating IP56
  • Useable capacity 10kWh
  • Warranty 10 years
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Share you energy with other sonnenBatterie owners in the sonnenCommunity.

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For homeowners in the National Electricity Market who want to have it all.

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Our community of sonnenBatterie owners share how they have achieved energy independence
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We are proud of the awards we have been nominated for and received. The recognition we've received proves that our vision of a future of clean and decentralised energy supply is supported by our peers and industry.

AU-Australian 57th Export Awards- Research and Development Investment Award Winner
December 2019

Australia Export Awards

The Export Award for Research and Development Investment honours sonnen's achievement as a remarkable exporter and investor.

March 2021

EuPD Research Australia's Top Brand PV Storage

Solar installers in Australia have ranked sonnen as the top photovoltaic storage brand.

AU-Australian Made
October 2019

Certified Australian Made

The sonnenBatterie eco 9.53 hybrid meets the criteria set by Australian Consumer Law and AMAG Code of Practice.