Taking a positive step forward to rebuild bushfire impacted communities

The bushfires in Australia have impacted many communities across the country and at its peak, not a day went by without anyone hearing about the tragedy and loss they had caused. Faced with devastation of this magnitude, we are saddened by the loss brought to many individuals and families who are now working towards rebuilding their communities and homes.

What this incident has brought to light is how important it is for us to accelerate our transition towards using more clean energy as one of the solutions towards managing climate change and much hotter summers in the future.

Our first response as a business following the bushfire was gathering our team in South Australia who volunteered with Foodbank SA and Cleland Wildlife Park. Three volunteer groups spent time sorting through items that could donated to communities, packaging hundreds of food hampers and supporting the Cleland Wildlife Park in maintaining its animal enclosures.

But can we do more? Yes!

sonnen invested in building a manufacturing facility in South Australia to manufacture home batteries and be part of a greater energy solution for communities right across Australia.  The work that our team did in volunteering to help those who have been impacted by bushfires is something I am very proud of and I am proud of our team.

We’ve built sonnenBatteries for households in Australia and we are thrilled to be working with the South Australian Marshall Government to offer homeowners in Kangaroo Island and parts of the Adelaide Hills a new sonnenBatterie when they rebuild their homes.

When these home batteries are installed, not only will this reduce their energy costs and reliance on grid electricity, it will also allow homeowners to achieve greater energy independence by using clean and affordable solar power they have generated.

The South Australian Government has turned a difficult and challenging situation of rebuilding bushfire devasted communities into a future proofing exercise. Bringing energy independence to communities and helping them take the leap into clean energy.

As we say at sonnen “Energy is Yours !”

By Nathan Dunn

CEO APAC/Managing Director sonnen Australia Pty Ltd