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Fenech Family + sonnenBatterie

Fenech Family, Metro Sydney, NSW

“sonnenFlat makes my investment in rooftop solar and home batteries pay for itself. Rather than putting money into a kitchen or bathroom renovation, investing in a sonnenBatterie and having sonnenFlat not only adds value to my home, it has reduced the payback period for my investment in solar and storage to six years.”

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Sheriff Family + sonnenBatterie

Sheriff Family, The Hills Shire, NSW

“I went for sonnen because not only it is designed in Germany but also made in Australia. Another great thing is that sonnen has local sales and support teams which makes communication very easy, convenient and secure.”

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Rey Family + sonnenBatterie

Rey Family, Blue Mountains, NSW

“We weren’t interested just in solar – we wanted to change electricity company.”

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Sambell Family Outside Home

Sambell family, Northern Suburbs, NSW

“People think they should wait for home batteries to become more affordable...with falling feed-in-tariffs, a home battery is a better investment instead of getting a small return for any unused solar power you send to the grid.”

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