Understanding sonnenBatterie

What is the sonnenBatterie?

The sonnenBatterie is a fully-integrated, smart home storage solution made up of safe and long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery modules, intelligent energy management software, and a power inverter.

“Fully-integrated” means that the three components are designed to work together and offer a high-quality product in one neat box. “Smart home storage” means that the energy management software includes a self-learning algorithm that continuously adapts to your consumption patterns to achieve the highest self-consumption and savings for your household.

Where is the sonnenBatterie being produced?

We are manufacturing the sonnenBatterie in the historical Holden Plant in Elizabeth, South Australia. sonnen opened its facility in Elizabeth, the third global factory for our smart energy storage solution, in 2018. Your battery is proudly engineered in Germany and Made in Australia.

How many sonnenBatteries have been installed to date?

Up until 2020, sonnen has sold 60,000 sonnenBatteries worldwide.

Why should I choose sonnenBatterie over other brands?

Every household uses and produces energy differently. sonnenBatterie takes this into account via its smart energy manager, making the most out of your solar energy by responding to your house’s specific energy demands. The system maximises your self-consumption and with it, your savings. sonnenBatterie is designed to last well beyond the warranty period and incorporates the safest cell technology.

What is the right capacity for my household?

The sonnenBatterie is a modular home storage system and can be designed to fit exactly your household’s needs. That also means that it’s capacity can be increased even after install, if the initial system design does not have enough capacity to power you through the night. Additional battery modules can be added at a later time by your solar retailer to match your increased energy needs. Just give them a call and ask for a capacity upgrade.

Tip: To find the right capacity for your household, check your electricity meter in the evening and in the morning for a few days to find out what you use during peak times (e.g. between 6pm and 6am).

Tip: Make sure that you get a battery cabinet from the get-go.

How much does sonnenBatterie cost and where do I buy one?

The price of a sonnenBatterie depends on the chosen battery capacity and will be quoted by the solar retailer from whom you get the system installed. sonnen work together with quality solar retailers across the country who are specialists in offering solar systems and energy storage solutions. To get product consultancy and a quote, call us on 13 76 66 or register here for a call-back from our customer support.

What is the warranty on a sonnenBatterie and how does it compare?

sonnen offers a 10-year Full Warranty on all its components. This means that your investment is protected for 10 years or 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first. During the warranty period, all components of your sonnenBatterie are covered: the inverter and all power electronics, the energy manager and the battery modules. Even the sonnenProtect comes with a 10-year warranty.

Is the warranty affected when I join a Virtual Power Plant?

No. The warranty allows for charging and discharging the battery 10,000 times within 10 years. It is therefore designed to provide multiple charging cycles per day, which makes it one of the few storage solutions viable for use in Virtual Power Plants (VPP). 

Is the sonnenBatterie safe?

Yes! We only use the safest Lithium technology available: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4). Since the very first sonnenBatterie, sonnen have been relying on LFP battery modules because of LFP’s inherent safety attributes. The main point being that the battery cells do not burn and are therefore the ideal choice for our residential energy storage solution.

Why does sonnen use LFP battery chemistry?

The simple answer is: It’s the safest Lithium Ion chemistry available for home battery systems. Battery cells made of LFP are durable and safe. We’ve been testing various battery chemistries since 2009 and have always chosen LFP battery cells over other battery chemistries such as Lithium Manganese Nickel Cobalt (MNC).

Does the sonnenBatterie always need to be connected to the Internet?

Yes. It does so for warranty purposes and for you to be able to monitor your household energy. The functions of the system are also working without an internet connection, but it cannot receive automated software updates, you will not be able to use the monitoring and sonnen does not provide warranty.

How do I know the sonnenBatterie is working?

Under normal operation, the sonnen logo - called eclipse - pulsates white. Through its Internet connection, the system sends metering data to the online portal and monitoring app and informs our technical service about maintenance requirements. We work together with your installer to make sure the sonnenBatterie gets back online asap if it ever loses connection. The different colours displayed by the eclipse and their meanings are listed below:

  • Pulsing White: Normal operation - No worries, everything works fine.
  • Pulsing Green: Off-grid operation - No worries, your most important appliances are being supplied.
  • Pulsing Orange: No Internet connection - Try to restart your internet router.
  • Solid Red: Error - Please call service.

Is the sonnenBatterie recyclable?

Yes. The components used in the sonnenBatterie are fully recyclable. The power electronics can either be refurbished for second life or scrapped for their metal. The LFP battery modules are the most environmentally-friendly Lithium Ion technology available to date, and can be taken apart to reuse both the Lithium and the Iron Phosphate components.

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I already have a solar system. Can I still add a sonnenBatterie?

Yes. The sonnenBatterie can be retrofitted to any existing solar system. If you already have solar panels installed on your roof, the sonnenBatterie can simply be added by an accredited installer to complete your home energy system. The existing installation of solar panels and solar inverter will not have to be changed. To get product consultancy and a quote, call us on 13 76 66 or register here for a call-back from our customer support.

I do not have a solar system yet. How do I get a complete system?

The sonnenBatterie can be installed together with new panels and you even save the costs for a separate solar inverter. Why? Because the sonnenBatterie comes with a hybrid inverter that lets you connect the panels straight into the battery. To get product consultancy and a quote, call us on 13 76 66 or register here for a call-back from our customer support.

Installation regulation does not allow for an installation in habitable areas inside my house. Is this a safety concern?

No. The sonnenBatterie is among the safest energy storage solutions for households. In Germany, it’s country of origin, tens of thousands of batteries are installed in habitable areas (e.g. hallways, pantries, basements etc.), however Australian installation regulations are very strict. 

Can the sonnenBatterie be installed outdoors?

Yes. We offer an outdoor enclosure in which the sonnenBatterie can be fitted and which sustains wind and weather.


What is sonnenProtect?

sonnenProtect is an optional accessory that can be installed with your sonnenBatterie to ensure power supply to dedicated circuits during a blackout. Blackouts can happen e.g. when extreme weather damages the network and electricity supply through the grid is interrupted.

Does the sonnenBatterie power my house when the grid fails?

In its standard configuration, the sonnenBatterie only supplies your house when the grid is online. If you want to protect dedicated circuits and important appliances against grid failure, your installer adds sonnenProtect, which supplies your most important appliances with energy stored in your sonnenBatterie.

Does the sonnenBatterie recharge during grid failure (blackout)?

If sonnenProtect is installed together with a sonnenBatterie hybrid, your system offers recharging during blackout and can supply dedicated circuits in the household, even if the connection to the grid stays offline for days.