The South Australian Marshall Government has recently announced a $100 million Home Battery Scheme that will assist households to purchase sonnen storage systems through a combination of direct subsidy and low-interest loans.

The subsidy to assist home battery purchase will shortly be available to all South Australians.

In addition, the Commonwealth Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation has announced finance options available to householders to purchase new or additional solar in combination with the purchase of their battery system.

Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels

South Australian Energy concession holder: $600.00 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

All other South Australian households: $500.00 per kilowatt hour (kWh).

The subsidy is capped at a maximum $6,000 per installed battery and will reduce over time to encourage a quick take up.

What batteries qualify for the subsidy?

The Government requires batteries to be safe, reliable and capable of being recruited into a virtual power plant.

How can I take advantage of the subsidy?

A qualified System Provider must supply and install your home battery system for you to be eligible for the subsidy.

The Government assesses the extent to which businesses contribute to the South Australian economy and prioritises System Providers that commit to installing battery systems that are manufactured or assembled in Australia. 

IMPORTANTLY: Only qualified system providers can assure customers that they are able to provide batteries eligible for the subsidy. 

Why choose sonnen?

sonnen is investing in the South Australian community by building a manufacturing facility in Adelaide.

sonnen designs and manufactures batteries that are safe, durable and can operate in a virtual power plant. 

South Australian made batteries are the only ones eligible for the subsidy until the end of the end of the year.

The Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment David Ridgway said:

“Manufacturing has been a key foundation of South Australia’s economy for decades and this is set to continue on the back of leading companies like sonnen establishing an advanced manufacturing presence in our State.”

The sonnen facility at the former Holden site at Elizabeth will be producing batteries by November 2018 to meet the demand from Australian householders seeking to substantially reduce their power bills.

The manufacturing facility will generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs and provide employment opportunities for many former Holden workers.

Beyond its new factory, sonnen will also launch a sales and technical training facility in Adelaide dedicated to increasing skills in the technology. 

sonnen believes that the transition to clean energy in Australia is only just getting started and we cannot wait to connect the Australian community to clean and affordable energy! 

Source: Department for Energy and Mining : Home Battery Scheme

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