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Clean energy day and night.

With over 10 years of research and development behind the sonnenBatterie this high-tech storage system has proven its value in thousands of households – every day. The combination of a PV system and a sonnenBatterie will allow you to cover about 80% of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy.


Safe, reliable energy storage solutions

Hybrid Eco
AU made sonnenBattery Hybrid 9 Series

Operating mode: single phase 

AC/DC Coupled

Storage size: Modular design 2.5-15kWH (expandable in steps of 2.5kWh)

Peak battery efficiency: 98% 

Warranty: 10 year / 10,000 cycle* 

System intelligence:

  • With the use of predictive charging you maximize your PV output.
  • Complete storage system
  • Everything included, ready to connect

Australian Made

Technical Documentation


Never worry about the lights going out.

Solar power generation does not have to go to waste. When the grid goes down – with Black Start function, you can rest assured knowing that during the blackout, the sonnenBatterie hybrid 9.53 can restart itself after a full shut down, and utilise the energy from the directly connected solar system, to ensure you have continuous backup energy supply. Meaning you can use your essential appliances without interruption during times of extended blackouts**.

This accessory is an additional component, discuss with your local sonnen partner to install or add.

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** The ability of the sonnenProtect to power essential loads is dictated by the battery capacity, SOC and availability of Solar PV production. sonnenProtect warranty

The sonnen advantage

sonnenFlat taking better control of your energy

Get more out of your solar and sonnenBatterie on a sonnenFlat energy plan

sonnenFlat is an energy plan from sonnen that combines your sonnenBatterie with your rooftop solar system to give you a flat fee energy plan. The only energy storage company to deliver energy savings through a fixed monthly power bill.


Take advantage of government subsidies to get cleaner energy day and night.

New South Wales

The NSW Government is helping homeowners access interest-free loans to install solar battery systems up to the value of $9000 towards retrofitting a battery system to an existing solar PV system. Read more....

South Australia

The subsidy is available to all South Australians and calculated on the kilowatt-hour capacity of the battery purchased with subsidies capped at $3,000 for each battery. Read more....


The Solar Homes Program is supporting eligible Victorian households to install a solar battery, by providing a point of sale discount up to a maximum of $4,174. Read more....

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Government is providing a $6000 grant to eligible homeowners under the Home and Business Battery Scheme which will close on the 30th of June 2021. Read more….


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Locally made here in Australia

We are proud to have our pioneering sonnenBatterie hybrid 9.53 certified Australian Made in Elizabeth, South Australia.

In November 2018 sonnen opened our manufacturing plant in South Australia, dedicated to building safe, reliable home battery storage systems and accessories. The combination of 10 years of German innovation in design and engineering, along with local production expertise in Australian manufacturing has helped us deliver thousands of quality and intelligent home battery storage systems across Australia and New Zealand.


High quality components perfectly tuned to your needs

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system - ready for connection. This means that inside of every sonnenBatterie you'll find not only the extremely durable battery modules but also an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software to operate it all smoothly. All in one handy box. In contrast to most other battery systems in the market, the sonnenBatterie components are build into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other - thereby ensuring a very high longevity and maximum quality with a small footprint.


Safety at the heart of every system

Over time they will be charged and discharged many thousands of times. For that reason the sonnenBatterie is based on the most reliable and sustainable battery technology available and exclusively uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). These batteries offer a greater longevity and higher safety than most other lithium-ion batteries that are commonly used in smartphones, laptops or electric cars. Did you know: lithium iron phosphate is the only battery component that occurs naturally and does not contain any toxic heavy metals.

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent control centre that manages all the solar power in your household.

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Built with your energy needs in mind

Every household has its own very specific energy needs. That's why the sonnenBatterie was developed as a multi-stage storage system that can be adapted to the most diverse energy needs. With storage sizes ranging from 5 kWh to 15 kWh the sonnenBatterie will power a detached house or a multi-family house. The sonnenBatterie's energy capacity can be individually expanded in blocks of 2.5 kWh - should you ever feel the need to increase the power storage in your house.


Independence for your business

Should you ever require more power - for example, when you are running a business - multiple sonnenBatterie can be set up as a cascading cluster—thereby increasing the capacity and power of the sonnenBatterie up to a maximum of 45 kWh.

sonnenBatterie Cluster 2 units
sonnen portal power at your finger tips

Power at your finger tips

The sonnen portal puts more control in your hands. Get to understand your power consumption better by  monitoring the electricity your panels are producing, your households energy consumption and what your exporting back into the grid.  

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