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We are the connection to a sustainable energy future.

The number of people using sonnen products is growing every day. We call them the sonnenCommunity. Yet, we are much more than just "users". We are visionaries who share a common goal: clean, reliable, and affordable energy for all. We are pioneers in clean energy: We are prosumers, using energy that we generate ourselves. We are connected so every person who joins makes the sonnenCommunity stronger, including you.

The energy transition is for everyone

You can wait for change from above. Or take your energy future into your own hands. Just like the people in the sonnenCommunity, who use sonnen products to realise a shared goal: clean, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone. Create your own power from the sun and use it to protect your home and your community from power outages. Release yourself from rising costs of traditional energy suppliers. Join the energy revolution that allows everyone to belong. Because together we are not only stronger, together we are the future of energy.

✓ being connected to use clean electricity

✓ becoming stronger with everyone who joins

✓ shaping our own energy future, today

What connects us? Cleaner energy. And a common goal.

We are a group of visionaries who are leading the energy revolution and everyone is invited to join. By building a community we are not only stronger, but we are also the future of energy. All over the world, from Denmark to Germany, Spain and Italy, to Australia and the United States, we, the sonnenCommunity, are already actively shaping a clean energy future.

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A sustainable and reliable energy future begins with us

Memberships not required

Member, that's actually not the right word. The sonnenCommunity is not exclusive, because we believe the future of energy concerns us all. Every person who uses a sonnen product is part of the sonnenCommunity and can benefit from its many advantages. The benefits from an increasingly clean and sustainable energy system has an impact on lowering CO2 emissions, which is good for everyone. It´s that simple. As the community grows, it becomes stronger and better which has a large impact on the world.


Become part of the global sonnenCommunity with the sonnen App.

The sonnen App is the key to understanding how your home is powered by clean energy. Monitor and manage your sonnen energy system at the touch of a button from anywhere, any time.

Become an active part of the sonnenCommunity and help to build a clean energy future that is smarter – it’s all in your hands.   

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