Save energy and switch to nature.

While Earth Hour is a global movement, it’s a good reminder that every individual action counts and makes an impact and a difference. Just a small act of switching off the lights can make a splash and statement.

In 2021, sonnen’s local teams in SA, NSW, VIC and QLD will be participating in Earth Hour in our support for a future that will be powered by renewable energy. We want to demonstrate our commitment to the industry and show that we don’t just work in renewables, it is part of our business and everyday lives as well.

Sustainability plays a part in everything that we do, it drives our vision for clean and affordable energy for everyone. A significant proportion of our carbon footprint stems from energy usage and by storing energy generated by the sun for use at home, we’re helping households live a more sustainable lifestyle – a lifestyle that reduces their impact on the environment and is good for the climate.

Our staff will switch their lights off, spend quality time with their family and discuss the purpose of Earth Hour and how sustainability has been incorporated into their lives and homes. Some sonnen employees own sonnenBatteries so their homes will be powered by solar energy even before the lights go out officially during Earth Hour.

More and more Australian households are taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine by investing in solar PV and home battery storage to be energy independent. Many states and territories in Australia offer interest-free loans or grants to homeowners who want to install rooftop solar and/or home batteries. It pays to do some research and talk to installers or renewable energy resellers or specialists to get an idea of how you can access these loans or grants to make a switch for nature today.

sonnen was founded in 2010 and we manufacture smart home battery storage systems and offer innovative energy plans to residential customers. In 2018, we built a sonnenBatterie manufacturing facility in the former Holden factory in South Australia and sonnenBatteries are now manufactured in Australia and certified Australian made. Our customers can enjoy a clean and affordable energy future through smarter solutions that makes solar power more accessible and gives them greater control over their energy usage.