sonnenCommunity clean and connected


We connect people who generate their own energy to a larger community, so they can share their clean energy with one another.

The sonnenBatterie is designed to make the most of the solar energy you generate. But if you need more - then there is the sonnenCommunity on which to draw.

As green as it gets: our electricity producers.

We have a large, global community of members that are already being supplied with clean and affordable energy as part of the world’s largest energy sharing platform.


sonnenCommunity - clean energy for the future

Making electricity simple. sonnenFlat.

Plug into the sonnenCommunity with sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat combines with your solar system and sonnenBatterie, to offer the complete energy package giving members of the sonnenCommunity cost certainty for clean energy.

sonnenFlat AU price table

How do I join sonnenFlat?

  • Simply determine your yearly energy consumption;
  • Select a monthly sonnenFlat plan that is best suited to your energy needs; and
  • Purchase a guaranteed yearly energy allowance.

But what if I need more energy than I have purchased with my selected plan?

  • Don’t worry - you will only be charged for the excess energy that you draw from the grid.
  • Better still - any excess energy that members use is charged at a highly competitive flat rate.
  • Households are also eligible for an annual adjustment if their energy export is above the annual export threshold on an annual bases
sonnen - smart for you. smart for the future.

Your energy future with sonnenFlat.

sonnenFlat cuts the cost of your energy bills and gives you independence from conventional energy retailers.

Join the energy supply of the future. Today. 

Smart for you. Smart for the future.

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