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Solar Energy Plans & Feed-In Tariffs

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We take pride in delivering a solution that not only provides the quality you expect but also delivers on our vision of clean and affordable energy for everyone.

The sonnenCommunity share their energy significantly to reduce their energy costs while also providing grid stability in times of need.

Take your energy independence to the next level.

At sonnen we’re sharing energy where and when it's needed to help the sonnenCommunity and the community around them to keep energy costs down.



  • Choose from four flat fee monthly energy plans
  • Transparent and clean power supply
  • Become independent of energy companies
  • Receive a competitive solar feed-in tariff

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  • Everyday you store clean energy, we reward you!
  • Receive a one-off $100 sign up bonus when you join
  • Double dip with sonnenConnect - get paid for giving us access to your sonnenBatterie and keep your feed-in tariff from your energy provider.

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Community Power

As a sonnen customer, you are at the heart of the energy ecosystem. Your sonnenBatteries, when paired with an energy offer such as sonnenFlat or sonnenConnect collectively contributes to a more stable electricity grid through a virtual power plant (VPP).

The sonnen VPP connects batteries digitally to form a large virtual battery to create a virtual power plant. This stabilises fluctuations in the electricity grid and places a downward pressure on energy prices. Only by connecting many decentralised home batteries into one VPP, are we able to take the place of traditional intensive power plants.

By connecting to the sonnen VPP, you will be helping to compensate for fluctuations in the grid. Depending on the demand, electricity can occasionally be temporarily stored in the battery or released back into the grid. Your sonnenBatterie can make an important contribution to the clean energy transition in times of need.

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sonnen eServices is a trading name of Energy Locals Pty Ltd, ABN 23606408879 a licensed energy retailer.