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Davison Collaborative Brunswick, Victoria

Davison Collaborative by HIP V. HYPE, VIC

A zero-emission housing development in Brunswick, Victoria

Davison Collaborative is a three-townhouse project in Brunswick, Victoria designed by Archier in collaboration with renowned Melbourne developer HIP V. HYPE.

The project has boldly targeted a minimal environmental rating of 8 stars using 100% clean, electric power and sonnenBatteries. HIP V. HYPE selected the sonnen as its smart energy storage solution to power this highly anticipated project.

Each home has a 4.5 kW rooftop solar photovoltaic panels and it is equipped with a 7.5 kWh sonnenBatterie. The sonnenBatterie is a smart energy storage solution and a source of clean affordable energy when you need it. When combined with a rooftop solar system, sonnenBatteries can cover on average of up to 80 percent of a households’ annual energy requirements. This will help homeowners gain energy independence by maximising their household’s utilisation of their solar generation.

Every home contains three bedrooms, one car and considered circulation to ensure separation between public and private spaces - a key in maximising livability in higher density living.


Housing Affordability: An Innovative Approach

In addition, Davison Collaborative aims to address one of the most inhibitive housing issues in Australia today – affordability. The project offers a new co-development model, also known as collaborative housing. This model allows for collaborators to come together and utilise the multi-disciplinary expertise of HIP V. HYPE to create better quality, more sustainable and more financially accessible townhouse style homes in inner urban locations where property prices are increasingly forcing people out of the market.


Hear from the Homeowners

Bild Chris Gilbert & Miranda Louey

 “Having solar and energy storage reduces our reliance on grid electricity. This helps us achieve our desire to live more sustainably.”

– Chris Gilbert & Miranda Louey

Bild Liam Wallis & Katya Crema

 “Knowing that sonnenBatteries are designed in Germany and made in Australia was a great selling point for us. Its great to be supporting local manufacturing.”

– Liam Wallis & Katya Crema

Bild Peter Steele & Sarah Kearney

“Being able to monitor our energy production and consumption on the sonnen app will help us to be more conscious about when we should run energy hungry appliances such as the washing machine and oven.”

– Peter Steele & Sarah Kearney

Key Features

Some of the key sustainability features in the Davison Collaborative include:

  • 8 star average Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) rating out of 10
  • all electric servicing, targeting net energy positive in operation
  • air tight envelope coupled with energy recovery ventilation
  • integrated electric heat pump boiler for hydronic heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Watch how HIP V. HYPE achieved their energy independence