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sonnen | 3 November 2020

sonnen Rewards Customers for Contributing to Grid Stability

Sydney, Australia – 3 November 2020 – sonnen announced today a new home energy rewards program which provides financial incentives to eligible sonnenBatterie owners. The program rewards owners who provide access to their battery to enable sonnen to support the stability of the energy grid.

Existing or new sonnenBatterie customers located in the National Electricity Market (NEM) who register for sonnenConnect will receive up to $41 per month depending on their location. To be eligible, they will need to have a sonnenBatterie that has at least 4 kWh capacity, are not on a sonnenFlat energy plan or connected to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program.

Residents in NSW and ACT will receive up to $41 per month or up to $1.32 a day and SA, VIC, QLD and TAS residents will receive up to $24 per month or up to $0.82 a day from sonnen in addition to a one-off bonus of $100 when they register. sonnenConnect customers will continue to receive a feed-in tariff for any unused energy that is exported to the grid from their energy retailer.

Nathan Dunn, CEO of sonnen Asia Pacific said, “Australia is the first country in the world we’ve chosen to launch sonnenConnect. With the growing uptake of rooftop solar and home batteries globally, utilities are recognising the importance of home batteries in Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) or what is known as demand response, to stabilise the grid when there is a surge in the demand for electricity.”

“Through sonnenConnect, we are rewarding customers who are providing us access to their sonnenBatterie when needed for demand response. sonnenConnect provides our home battery owners with an additional revenue stream which allows them to continue to receive a feed-in tariff from their energy retailer. Not only will they enjoy being energy independent, sonnenBatterie owners are working together as a community to stablise the energy grid that connects millions of homeowners in the National Electricity Market,” said Mr Dunn.

Existing or new sonnenBatterie customers can sign up for sonnenConnect through sonnen.com.au/connect/.