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sonnen | 24 May 2019

sonnen introduces fixed electricity bills for solar homeowners in Victoria

Adelaide, 24 May 2019 - Over 2.3 million households with rooftops in Victoria will be eligible for fixed monthly electricity bills with the launch of sonnenFlat, an energy plan from sonnen that combines a rooftop solar system with home batteries.

Homeowners with rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, sonnenBatteries and who sign up for sonnenFlat are eligible for a monthly bill starting from $42 per month (excluding GST). sonnen offers a guaranteed annual energy allowance through sonnenFlat including solar, storage and grid energy usage for a fixed fee* at 7,500 kWh for $42 per month, 10,000 kWh for $52 per month and 12,500 kWh for $62 per month.

Currently available throughout New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and southeast Queensland, the launch of sonnenFlat will cover all of Victoria. This will help homeowners gain greater energy independence for their investment in rooftop solar and sonnenBatteries with no changes to their grid supply.

sonnenFlat customer, Bo Gacic from Coromandel Valley, South Australia said, “sonnenFlat has protected us from rising retail energy prices since September 2018. We used to pay about $5,600 each year for a household of five to our energy retailer even with our rooftop solar. Our bills are now $42 per month and nothing has changed about the way we’re being supplied electricity. The only change is we get a fixed monthly energy bill from sonnen.”

Nathan Dunn, CEO of sonnen Asia Pacific said, “sonnenFlat will eliminate bill shocks, reduce the upfront cost of investing in home batteries and fix monthly electricity costs for households. This is a winning value proposition for homeowners who are contemplating rooftop solar and energy storage and want some level of surety regarding the payback of their investment.”

“sonnen is changing this by providing them with the smartest energy storage solution that is designed in Germany and manufactured in Australia. By combining a solar system, sonnenBatterie and a sonnenFlat energy plan, this will meet 100 percent of the annual energy requirements for many households,” said Mr Dunn. 

For the month of June 2019, sonnen will offer a sonnenFlat Energy Bundle where customers signing up for sonnenFlat can claim $1,000 off their new sonnenBatterie purchase.