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The key to understanding how your home can be supplied with clean energy every day.

  • Manage energy easily with an intuitive app
  • Analyze usage with real-time data visualization
  • Customize and manage your energy system to personal preferences
  • Avoid blackouts and set your battery buffer

Experience and manage your sonnenHome - it's all in your hands

The sonnen App is your key to understanding how your home is powered by clean energy. Monitor and manage your sonnen energy system at the touch of a button from anywhere, any time. Become an active part of the sonnenCommunity and help to build a clean energy future that is smarter.


Download the new sonnen App!

Take control and manage how you would like to use your clean energy to empower your life at home.

1. Get more insights with Data Mode

2. Learn how you are contributing to a clean energy future

3. Manage how you want to protect your home in an energy emergency


Experience energy independence your way

Protect yourself from electricity price hikes

Track your energy savings and know what to expect from your next electricity bill. Optimize your system set up to manage your local energy tariffs and reduce your energy usage when rates are high.

Contribute towards protecting the environment

Learn how your clean energy use positively impacts the environment. Check the return on investment on your home battery and see how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Protect your home from power outages

Manage your backup power settings before and during an emergency. Set your battery backup buffer or apply the emergency mode to immediately charge your battery to 100%.

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