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Why is sonnen the Premium Choice
Blog | January 2023

Home Battery Storage - Why sonnen Is the Premium Choice

From humble beginnings as a ‘garage start-up’ in the small Southern German town of Wildpoldsried, sonnen has become one of the global leaders in energy storage solutions. Since our establishment in 2010, we’ve developed a reputation for innovation and vision, and a sophisticated ecosystem of energy generation, storage and distribution that delivers customised solutions tailored to market needs.

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Backed by strong partners with strong values, sonnen delivers innovative solar battery storage products that are renowned for premium-quality engineering and market-leading warranties. 

sonnen products – the premium choice

As you’ll quickly come to realise after reading a few reviews, sonnen batteries are a premium product that justifies the premium price tag. However, our products are more affordable and cost-effective than similar products on the market, including well-known brands.

sonnen products deliver market-leading energy saving potential over the long run and not only through premium engineering, but also through the use of premium-quality components, like Lithium Iron Phosphate cell chemistry which is known for higher levels of safety and longevity.. Backed with a market-leading warranty – 10 years & 10,000 cycles – and containing everything you need (including inverter) to connect to your solar PV system immediately upon purchase, sonnen’s products, like the sonnenBatterie Evo and sonnenBatterie hybrid 9.53, truly are a unique offering. 

What’s more, along with widespread recognition for the highest quality and safety standards, with all our products manufactured in Germany and backed by market-leading warranties, our batteries feature a built-in smart management system to help you optimise it for longevity. Features like this provide even further assurances and greater confidence that your new sonnen battery is worth the premium price tag and will deliver a clean and reliable source of energy to help you reduce your household’s reliance on grid electricity. And potentially achieve complete energy independence!


sonnen reviews  

sonnen products regularly top ‘best solar battery’ reviews in Australia and right across the globe. In the US, our sonnen Eco battery was voted the ‘best pick for variety’ by Marketwatch in its ‘Best Solar Batteries of 2023’ review for qualities such as delivering “a longer lifespan and improved efficiency compared to competitors”, and its “guaranteed end-of-warranty capacity of 70%. Its battery has a 10,000 cycle clause, much higher than the typical 4,000 to 6,000 range.” 

What’s more, this January 2023 review highlights the extensive range available with the sonnen Eco. – “The Sonnen Eco offers more battery sizes than any manufacturer on our list, making it easier to fit the power output of your solar panel system.” This is just one example of a trusted review that posits sonnen products as the ideal choice for your home energy storage needs.

In Australia where sonnen products are ‘Clean Energy Council Approved’, sonnen batteries and products have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from a variety of trusted reviewers. This includes SolarRun, which recognises the premium nature of sonnen products – “We recommend Sonnen when performance is the most important consideration and price is not an obstacle.” SolarRun’s “detailed review of the Sonnen Flat battery finds that it is a truly powerful product that can deliver outstanding results”, that it’s “one of the leading solar battery products on the market” and that its “reliability and power far outweigh the cost of the product.”



Another reason why sonnen is increasingly seen as the right choice for solar battery storage solutions is the opportunity to join the ‘sonnenCommunity’ – a connection to a sustainable energy future that all sonnen home solar battery owners can join. This visionary community is growing stronger by the day as more people who’ve invested in a home solar battery and share a common goal of ‘clean, reliable, and affordable energy for all’ become members. 

When you join the community and help to make it stronger with your participation, you’re not only releasing yourself from rising costs of traditional energy suppliers, you’re helping to develop a cleaner energy future by transforming centralised power plants into decentralised clean energy virtual power plants (VPPs). What’s more, participating battery owners get paid for participation, providing even more reasons to join the sonnenCommunity, the energy revolution that allows everyone to belong. 


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