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Energy Offer


Share you energy with other sonnenBatterie owners in the sonnenCommunity.

  • Complete energy offer with grid electricity
  • Low monthly charges to cover your daily use
  • Help to stabilise the electricity grid
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Share you energy and fix your monthly energy bill

sonnenFlat is an innovative electricity tariff designed for your sonnenBatterie. It allows households that have rooftop solar and a sonnenBatterie to move away from traditional electricity retailers to participate in the sonnenCommunity. As a member of the sonnenCommunity, you help to stabilise the grid by being part of sonnen's virtual power plant and to keep the lights on for everyone.

sonnen eServices is a trading name of Energy Locals Pty Ltd, ABN 23606408879 a licensed energy retailer.

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Take your energy independence to the next level

A flat rate energy plan that combines your rooftop solar system with your sonnenBatterie. Find a tailored energy plan to suit your needs. There are no lock in contracts or contract terms and you will continue to receive a solar feed-in rate for energy exported above the annual export threshold. Network supply charges are covered in the sonnenFlat monthly rate and excess usagecharges apply. sonnenFlat is currently available in NSW, SA, ACT,TAS, VIC and QLD (Energex region). To be eligible, you will need to have a sonnenBatterie with a usable minimum capacity of 4kWh. All prices include GST.

Protect yourself from rising energy prices

Rising energy prices are impacting households across Australia everyday. With a fixed monthly energy bill, sonnenFlat gives you the peace of mind and helps you budget for your essential expenses.

Customised energy offer for every household

Depending on how much energy you need, what is the size of your rooftop solar system and sonnenBatterie, sonnenFlat includes network supply charges in the flat monthly rate with no lock-in contracts.

Get a quick return on investment for storage

sonnen has made it easier for homeowners to understand what are the financial benefits and savings they can expect from choosing a sonnenBatterie. Find out how you can save on your energy bills now.

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