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Making electricity simple. sonnenFlat

Plug into the sonnenCommunity with sonnenFlat. The flat-rate energy plan combines your solar system and sonnenBatterie to offer a complete energy package, giving you the bill certainty you have always wished for... from clean, renewable energy. 

Energy packages to suit your household needs.




Annual household

usage allowances


Min. solar PV


Usable battery capacity




Annual household

usage allowances


Min. solar PV


Usable battery capacity




Annual household

usage allowances


Min. solar PV


Usable battery capacity




Annual household

usage allowances


Min. solar PV


Usable battery capacity

All plans include:

  • sonnenCommunity membership.
  • No-lock in contract.
  • No contract term.
  • Feed-in rate available.
  • Supply charges covered in the monthly flat rate.

Are you eligible?

  • sonnenFlat is currently available in NSW, SA, ACT, VIC, TAS and QLD (Energex region). 
  • Minimum sonnenBatterie size required is 4kWh usable battery capacity.
  • With Essential Energy Network an extra $10 above the standard monthly fee is applied.
  • All prices include GST.
  • Solar feed-in rate: Energy exported above the annual export threshold will be paid at the solar feed-in rate. 
  • Excess usage charges may apply.

How do I join sonnenFlat?

sonnenFlat Batterie Installation

Have a sonnenBatterie.

sign up to sonnenFlat

Sign-up to sonnenFlat.

sonnenFlat say good bye to bill shock

Say goodbye to bill shocks.

$0 energy plans available with a new sonnenBatterie!

sonnenFlat is an energy plan from sonnen that combines your sonnenBatteries with your rooftop solar system to give you a flat fee energy plan. The only energy storage company to deliver energy savings through a fixed monthly power bill. sonnen now offer new customers $0 sonnenFlat monthly fee for the first 24 months when they purchase a sonnenBatterie (min 4 kWh)*. You can receive an upfront credit of up to $1,656 on your sonnenFlat bill to cover your monthly energy fees for the first 24 months sonnenFlat.

*Terms and conditions apply.

sonnenFlat $0 24months

Cut your energy costs with sonnen.

sonnenFlat cuts the cost of your energy bills and gives you independence from conventional energy retailers.

Interested in saving more with clean energy?

* mandatory field

* $0 sonnenFlat packages available to new sonnenBatterie customers located in NSW, SA, VIC and QLD (Energex region) and must sign-up within 30 days of installation. After the 24 months credited period has ended monthly fees will be charged at $49/ $59/ $69 a month dependent on the sonnenFlat energy package which can be found on Excess usage charges may apply.