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sonnen | 10 November 2016

Tasmanian households with sonnen systems to ‘save thousands of dollars’ on power bills under new sonnenFlat program

[16 October] - German energy storage systems maker sonnen introduces its sonnenFlat plan and invites Tasmanians to become “energy independent”, challenging the State’s monopoly retailer.

For households with a sonnenBatterie - choosing a sonnenFlat plan simplifies household electricity charges by providing a yearly energy allowance for a flat fee of $42, $52 or $62 a month (excl. GST) depending on the home’s power usage.

“Households are struggling under ever changing and ever rising power bills, and we are offering to pay those charges in exchange for a flat charge. It’s like a mobile phone plan,” says Christoph Ostermann, sonnen Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Our sonnenFlat plan will allow households to plan their finances and save thousands of dollars a year in power charges.” A three-bedroom household currently pays an estimated $3,400 a year for an annual consumption of 10,000 kWh. Under a monthly sonnenFlat plan, of, say $52, regular power charges are capped at $624 a year, a saving of 82 per cent with this example.

Impressively, a sonnen storage system can meet 90 per cent or more of a household’s energy needs, again depending on energy use and the size of the home. sonnen utilises a lithium iron phosphate battery cell, which is so safe it is designed to be installed inside the home. It has a 10-year full warranty. sonnenBatteries comfortably reach and exceed 10,000 charge and discharge cycles.

Mr Ostermann was quick to emphasize: “A large part of the solution for a future in which renewable energy will form the bulk of Australia’s energy needs is in front of the faces of decision makers. Consumers are choosing battery storage for their homes to be more independent of the utilities, but at the same time connected household batteries will solve many of the grid stability and energy security problems experienced in parts of Australia. Households will embrace battery storage for their homes regardless of what politicians do or say.”

Under sonnenFlat householders pay a regular and predictable flat monthly fee and can take part in the retail energy market with their sonnenBatterie and help to stabilise the grid during periods of peak demand.

sonnen does this by integrating its customers’ batteries into the nation’s power grid to create a “virtual power station” that has the capacity to respond within seconds to demands from the utilities at peak times on the power grid. This technology has been proven in Germany where sonnen has installed a large part of its worldwide 40,000 home batteries and offers small amounts of energy stored in those batteries to supply around 100 megawatts of energy to the national grid.

Mr Ostermann stated: “sonnenBatterie technology is dramatically changing not only household energy use, making households less dependent on electricity grid power, but ultimately the way the utilities deliver power to Australian households and businesses.”

The system is modular, allowing the household to choose between battery capacities ranging from 6 kWh up to 16 kWh.

A self-learning algorithm and data from the Bureau of Meteorology processed by the smart system can identify the best time to start charging and, even with no-one at home, can activate compatible appliances. sonnen’s lithium iron phosphate cells can charge and discharge multiple times a day and include high-tech smart control. 

sonnen is the world’s largest supplier of smart residential energy storage systems. Australia has 2 million homes already fitted with solar panels, and many of those households are now choosing to retro-fit energy storage. Demand for batteries in Australia and for export to Asia has been so strong that sonnen decided to establish a manufacturing facility in Australia. “We have been selling our batteries in Tasmania for over a year, but with the promise of additional supply from our new factory we are re-invigorating our marketing efforts in this State,” Mr Ostermann said.

sonnen’s Premium Tasmanian partners look forward to providing Tasmanians with the market leading residential storage system that not only provides clean energy but saves them from rising electricity prices.